As you step into Sancia, a whole new world of expansive luxury awaits you. Planned with intricate attention to detail, we give you a living habitat complete with all the modern amenities along with a vast expanse of greenery.


The lavish triplex villas mark the vastness of space, giving you an exclusive offering for your uncompromising choice in living. On every level, there’s an amalgamation of flawless space and elegance.

The living room opens out onto a private deck with the guest bedroom being spacious and roomy. The contemporary kitchen, double level dining hall and the lush green internal courtyard are all added to make living here an enthralling adventure.


Carefully landscaped backyards fence your villa in leisurely greens, while the circular jogging track touches every villa on campus, letting you direct access from your room itself.

Detailed planning goes hand in hand with the wide open space at Sancia. Here, you feel the comfort with every step you take!